( A cut diagram of RX1 focusing system : from infinity to close-up, or 0.3 metre )

As you can see in the image above, the RX1 actuates lenses in A and B groups for focusing.

In NEX system, the group of lenses that are moved for focusing are as light as 5 grams while

those of RX1 are as heavy as 50 grams which is ten times heavier. This is the reason for its notoriously slow focusing speed,

and also the reason why RX1 has such a short battery life, as it consumes more battery to actuate such obestic lenses.

The source also speculated that this was probably the reason why they didn't include phase-detection AF,

as it wouldn't make much difference because phase-detectioning wouldn't make it any faster to move the lenses.

source: http://www.slrclub.com/bbs/vx2.php?id=minolta_forum&no=729491

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